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PetroKazakhstan is an oil group of companies with its shareholders being China National Petroleum Corporation and KazMunayGaz National Company.* PetroKazakhstan’s operations include geological exploration, field development, oil and gas production, purchasing, marketing and transportation, and also refining and selling crude oil and oil products. 

  • 01 The operational structure of PetroKazakhstan Group of Companies comprises two business units: PetroKazakhstan Kumkol Resources, JSC (PKKR) and PetroKazakhstan Oil Products, LLP (PKOP). PKKR is the group’s upstream unit situated in Kyzylorda region. PKOP is based in Turkestan region, in Shymkent, and is engaged in crude oil refining.

  • 02 PetroKazakhstan also holds a 50% share in two joint ventures operating in the South Turgai oil basin. Its partner in JV Kazgermunai, LLP is NC KazMunayGaz JSC, and in Turgai Petroleum JSC – KVK - Petroleum LLP.

  • 03 PetroKazakhstan’s business represents a continuous process chain ranging from exploration and production of oil to its processing into top-quality oil products and a developed marketing and transportation system.

Company Mission & Objectives

PetroKazakhstan strives to be a model corporate citizen, provide value for our shareholders and the Republic of Kazakhstan, ensure employees’ health and safety, as well as environmental safety for the nature. We intend to fully unlock our growth potential using our shareholders’ advantages in technology, management, expertise and innovation by constantly increasing the performance of company management and its operations, promoting leadership qualities, developing employee qualifications.

PetroKazakhstan corporate strategy in the next few years is built on increasing and maintaining oil production levels, discovering new hydrocarbon reserves and replacing production with incremental reserves, increasing production of light oil products by improving the refining quality, increasing cash flow and net asset value, and also ensuring the high levels of production safety.

PetroKazakhstan Stick to the following principles:

•Protect people’s health and safety and the natural environment as far as reasonably practicable;


• Make HSE a core value of the Company’s business;

• Integrate Health, Safety and Environmental Protection into all the Company’s business and operations;


• Commit to sustainable development of the Company, the communities where it operates and the Republic of Kazakhstan.

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